Entertainment Center.

What is Launch?
Launch® It is a sports entertainment center that is concerned with providing a different world of fun, joy, and activity in recreational games and mixes it with the feelings of enthusiasm and challenge presented by sports, by giving a group of fun recreational games for families, youth groups and young children, and also includes a group of sports such as bowling, table tennis, and payment rooms Automated football, and other games carefully selected to create a beautiful and healthy world that any individual or group of society of different ages and entertainment tastes can enjoy, all in an organized place and context in a way that makes you have a unique experience in this world that needs to be constantly repeated.

Launch® It is an integrated world that was developed by a group of investors in the Arab State of Kuwait in order to be an entertainment center that attracts the audience in a modern and enjoyable way.

We designed a sober identity in a modern style, the color palette is inspired by the world of energy in the imagination of the entertainer, which is commensurate with creating a distinctive and lively world that fits the experience that the audience deserves.
In the main brand we use a typeface with very characteristic finishes that harmonize with its symbol.

Client: Launtch
Location: Kuwait
Year: 2023


How did we get inspiration from the colors?

Radiant colors are always an essential element in the world of entertainment, and because they are the colors that appear in your imagination in a state of enthusiasm that results from playing such games. Therefore, we tried to use colors that are commensurate with this world distinguished by its mixed and radiant feelings and sensations in terms of the emotional state.

«Golden Dream, Lavender Blue, Pattens Blue, Nero.»


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